What I’ve Learned from Running

Keep your toenails trimmed.

Get your shoes in the right size. Which is probably not the size you think you wear.

Running with friends is way more fun than running alone.

Sometimes it’s nice to run alone and let your mind wander.

Winter doesn’t feel as cold after you’ve been running for about 15 minutes.

Summer gets even hotter after about 15 minutes.

You are probably not the first person to pee on that tree. Or worse.

If you’re trying out new fuel, know where the closest bathroom is.

Keep track of what works for you. You’d be surprised the problems a different type of underwear can cause.

What works for others may not work for you. Try stuff out.

Stretching is way more important that you think it is.

Cotton is not your friend.

Neither is skin cancer. Wear sunscreen.

Wedgies happen.

You may never wear anything that is not wicking fabric ever again.

Friends don’t let friends miss out on great sales. Especially on running gear.

Stick with it, and after a while people will ask you daily “Running today?”

Stick with it, and after a while you will face injury.

An injury is not the end of the world, unless you ignore it.

It does, in fact, get easier.

Few things make you as happy as new running shoes.

You can do way more than you thought you could.


Bringin’ da Funk

It’s really hard to stay positive. I’m not exactly a positive person to begin with. I would call myself a Realist. Practical. Grounded.

Plenty of people would just call me a bitch. I’ll give you two guesses on whether or not I care.

Whatever we would call me, I am struggling. With life in general. That would be the primary reason that I have not posted anything in about a month.  When the Chubby Chick isn’t doing much, running or otherwise, there isn’t much to write about. And I try really hard not to bring people down with me. Sometimes, though, sharing can be cathartic.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that everything for everyone else is unicorns and champagne. I stalk read plenty of other blogs, and am regularly stalking people catching up on facebook, and there are plenty of people that are struggling with something.  And to be perfectly honest, I think anyone that does try to say that things are always great is full of it.

I struggle to get my runs in. Triathlon training has been right out the window for weeks now. I’m completely over working 2 jobs trying desperately trying to make ends meet. I don’t know that I will even be able to afford the triathlon, even if my training were up to par. Hell, I’d be happy to even be in the vicinity of par. My weight loss has stalled. I’m trying to be content with the fact that I haven’t backslid much, considering the lack of consistent exercise, and and the frequent ingestion of (Insert Holiday Here) candy. I can’t watch the Reds play, because when I do, they lose. It’s like Drew Stubbs doesn’t want to be my imaginary boyfriend anymore. Hubby said he was going to start calling me Billy Beane (go watch Moneyball if you don’t get it).

More than anything, I feel like it just been a series a small things that continues to pile up on me. And most of them aren’t directly related, which I think often makes it worse, because then I feel like I can’t catch a break. Anywhere. Ever. And that’s when it started feeling easier to just quit. But I don’t like quitting. So I complain instead.

For example, over the weekend I had ordered new running shoes online. They were on sale, I also had a $10 off coupon, and snagged free shipping.  Normally $90, bought for $40. Score.  I had been keeping track of the shipping, and while the estimated delivery date said the 12th, it was looking like they would show up today. As I was getting out of bed, I happened to see the Fedex truck pull up across the street. Naturally, I was very excited.  By the time I finished getting dressed, the truck left, never having brightened my doorway.  Confused, I checked the tracking info. Again. “Dropped off at local United States Postal location. Please allow an additional 1-2 days delivery time.”

What? Are you freaking kidding me? HE WAS JUST ACROSS THE STREET!! I could have had my new shoes in my grubby little hands by now! Why Fedex? Why would you do this to me?

Naturally, I promptly hunted down Hubby to complain about my unfair life and proclaim my hatred for Fedex. The conversation went something like this:

“I hate Fedex. They’re stupid. There was a truck just across the street, but then drove away, so I checked the tracking info, and got this!  [promptly shoved my phone in his face]  Really?! They’re a delivery service! Why on earth do they need to dump it to another delivery service?!  I could have had my shoes today, but instead they’re going to be taking the scenic route around Columbus! I knew I got too good a deal on them…. $90 shoes for $40, now I’m paying for it. With my luck, they’ll get delivered to some other house, and I’ll NEVER see them!”

Dramatic, I know.

However, all things eventually move on, even bad luck. Like the changing of the seasons, the circle of life, blah, blah, blah. You know what I’m getting at.  Hopefully this afternoon is a good omen of things to come…

Look what showed up the mail today. What? You were expecting a different color? C'mon now.

2011- Year in Pictures

This gallery contains 20 photos.

My goodness, what a partial year of running it has been…. The Capital City Quarter Marathon with Mom. Where it all began. Redlegs Run 10K in Cincinnati, Ohio Cinco de Juilo Cuatro Miler- Not exactly my most favoritist… Birthday 10K (otherwise known as the Columbus Half Marathon 10K)- because what better way to celebrate your […]

Moving Forward

11/20-221lbs-original weight
11/27- 220.2lbs
12/4- 222.8lbs
12/18- 219.2lbs

This week was much better. Much more consistent and organized. I took the battered remains of my best-laid plans and got it together. Mostly.

Tuesday night- Personal Training. That kicked my ass. Badly. Not only could I not hold a plank position for 30 seconds, by the third rep I couldn’t actually get up into it. And I nearly died. Really. The trainer was very concerned. First he was all like “Get Up! We haven’t even started the timer yet- C’mon, get up!!!”   And then when I turned pale white and started seeing bright lights, he was all like “Are you ok? Good job, that was some very intense stuff we did. Do you need some gatorade? You sure you’re ok? No, no, I  think we’re done for today.”  Only Jillian truly wants to make people puke.

You don't want to make her angry. You wouldn't like her angry...

Wednesday- Had my annual eye appointment, and guess what? There’s my gym right around the corner. How convenient! So, with eyes fully dilated, I went in and went around the track for a while. The only way I could keep track of my time was to watch the large clock on the wall that I could only get to come into focus when I was on the other side of the room.

Kinda like that. But less fuzzy.

 Thursday- More Running! 4 night miles. Because night miles count for more than regular miles. It’s true.

I finally got some decent HBBC points, 21 for the week. I have also met my goal of having more points than the week before, and I’m on track for another good week.

Just Christmas and New Years to get through…

Goal Setting- Round 1

It’s taken a bit of time to get my thoughts together on this whole thing. Even longer to actually sit down and put it into writing. But here we all are with about 6 weeks to go until New Year’s Day when we all magically get our annual refill of will-power, and spend it all in the first 2 months of the year. I’m kinda over that, so I’m going in with a new plan.

I’m going to ambush New Year’s Day. I’m going to go into the new year having already lost weight.  That’s right, I threw down. Take that Baby New Year.

I'm expecting a big celebration Happy. Get on that.

And every good plan needs goals. So I’m going to list my goals here, so that you can all see them and help me stay on track.  Because if I’ve learned anything over the last several months, you need people to help you stay on track. So Thank You, in advance.

Unfortunately, you kinda need to know where you are to know where you’re headed, so that means that I’m going to have to share my current vitals so that I can compare later on. I’ll spare you the picture (for now…)

Current weight- 221 pounds
Waist- 38 inches
49 inches
42 inches
left 15.5 inches, right 15 inches
27 inches (both)
17 inches

Now you (and I) know.  It’s all rather heartbreaking to see the actual numbers. It’s also a little bit liberating sharing this information with other people. It’s easier to ignore if it’s a secret that only you know.

As for the goals, I debated on the best way to organize this. One really big list, or a few sub-categories. I finally decided on sub-categories that all ultimately tie back into the bigger picture of getting healthy and living a happy life.  So, without further ado…

Weight Loss

Goal Weight- 140 pounds
Goal Size- 12 in pants, Medium in shirts

This is the weight that I’ve been chasing for 10 years. This is the weight that I was at when I was my most athletic. I know that it’s just a number, but it symbolizes a different life, one that I let slip away.

To help reach this goal, I’ve set some sub-goals to mark the road.

Running Goals
-Run 3-4 times a week, including one long run a week
-Follow a proper training program
-Complete a half marathon (that would be Capital City 2012)
-Eventually run a 10 minute mile

Strength Goals
-Strength train 3-4 times a week
-Be able to do a proper pushup (no knees)
-Be able to do a pull-up (if you can do one of those, you are a bad-ass)

Eating Goals
-Keep a food journal- necessary for this particular adventure
-Fix most meals at home (vague, I know, I’m still working out those details)

And finally, my big athletic goal for 2012:

Complete a TRIATHLON

oh yea, I'm going there...

I also have a few only-mildly-related goals:

-Post on the blog more frequently
-Take more pictures (I almost always have my camera, and almost always forget to take any pictures)
-Work on being more technologically adept (my blog is kinda boring, thanks for continuing to come back) and update the blog’s look
-Figure out Twitter (really, I still don’t entirely get it)

Oh. I almost forgot to mention the things that I have done to help myself succeed:

-Re-joined my gym. When you’re not going very frequently (read: ever) it doesn’t make sense to keep paying for it. So I didn’t. But now I am again.  My gym of choice is Urban Active. If you’re in the Columbus area and need a workout buddy, let me know.

-Joined the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge 2011. This is put on by Amanda through her blog Run To The Finish. Her goal is to help herself and others stay on track through the holidays when it is easiest to make excuses. There’s a point system and prizes and lots of other people to lean on for support. If you’re looking for something to help keep you focused through the holidays, you should join up. If you’re looking for a great athlete and all around cool person to read about and learn from, check out her blog.

-Found some like-minded people to train with as we all work towards our own goals. Strength in numbers, right?

These chicks are bad-asses

My triathlon partner-in-crime

I will be updating you on my goals weekly, probably on Sundays. Some of the long-term goals will probably only get updated monthly for a while.

2012 is gonna kick ass…