Ambushed by the common cold.
Ambushed by 900 pounds of stupid.
Ambushed by a bum knee.
Ambushed by my own ambition.
And finally, ambushed by my husband.

It’s no secret that I am sorely lacking in the consistency department. It doesn’t take much to derail me. I will spend a ridiculously long time planning, and not as much time doing. Right about the time I finally got it together, my world imploded.

First I was struck down by “the funk.” It had been going around, I’d been ducking and weaving trying desperately to avoid it, but it would not be denied.  On and off sore throat (which I am a total baby about), lots of restless nights, a decent handicap in the breathing department, and a stunted reaction time.  I blame that last one for my next unfortunate event.

Anyone that doesn’t know what “900 pounds of stupid” meant probably doesn’t deal with horses much.  A spooky horse with a tendency to dance around if not happy, and my depleted faculties = nearly broken foot.  And a lot of colorful cursing.  Even though this blog tends to stay on the G/PG side of the scale, I am a great lover of the F-bomb.   Nothing is quite as expressive as a well timed F-er.  And on this night it was used frequently and with great vigor.  Fortunately my foot was only “nearly” broken, and not “broken” broken.  That would have been all sorts of bad.  Although that knowledge didn’t make it hurt any less, or any easier to run on.

Not my first choice of tattoo. Just too plain.

It took a good 2 weeks before my toe stopped hurting enough to workout for any length of time, and even then the workouts weren’t much (read: not nearly enough to keep on track).  It’s also gotten colder.  Not as cold as normal for Ohio, but still below freezing more days than not (or at least really close to freezing).  Which has not made my knee very happy.  I was concerned about this being a problem, tendonitis in my knee is usual a problem in the cold weather.  So just as I got my toe back on the program, my knee bailed. This time, not quite enough to totally derail me, but enough to make it very discouraging to see that even though I was doing something, it was  not as much as I wanted/needed to be doing.

And that is my own fault for taking too big a bite. To go from running 2-3 times a week to suddenly trying to do 2 workouts a day, 6 days a week is beyond excessive.  Sometimes my ambition is too big even for me. It just wasn’t realistic. I needed to be easing into more, not jumping in head first.

And finally, about a week ago now, as the Hubby and I were getting ready for bed, I mentioned that I needed to try to get a workout in the next day. And the Hubby looked over and says “I’m glad that you mentioned that….What time are you getting up tomorrow?”


In my weeks of apathy and laziness thinly blamed on illness and injury, I had not been getting up when I needed to.  So since then, we have slowly been working the alarm clock back to a time suitable for working out in the morning.  I’ve been getting some workouts in during lunchtime at work, but sometimes it’s just not enough time to get done the time/distance that I’m trying for.

So this week is back to the (newly edited) plan.  I’ve taken too much time off to just jump right back in to where I should be.  I’ve mostly kept up with the running portion, but for the tri training, I’m going to have to mostly start over.  And that, boys and girls, is why you start early. So you have time to learn and adjust.

Game back on.


4 thoughts on “Ambushed

  1. thewondermya says:

    wow ! take care of yourself !

  2. Leslie Alt says:

    I can empathize. I was interning at OSU when I was training for my marathon and had my own “900 pounds of stupid” moment and a not broken “broken” toe. It’s really hard to get back on track but no doubt you can do it. You did more races last year than I’ve done in my 5 years of running, so you are most definitely on the right track! Keep it up.

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