Conversations I have with Myself

Today I went to the gym during my lunch. This is the conversation that ensued in my head…

Aggressive personality: Sweet! The pool is empty! No sharing lanes!
Wimpy personality: Yay! No one to see what a sucky swimmer I am!

After changing and heading into the pool area…

One other person in the pool… still no sharing lanes! Damn it goggles! Stop getting twisted around!
Bet that swimmer doesn’t fight with their goggles…
Bet they do… shut up and start swimming already!
This is really hard. Why is this still really hard? Isn’t it supposed to get easier? Eventually, yes, but you just started swimming again this week, and this is only your SECOND swim. Quit your bitching and keep swimming.
I don’t think I can do this…
Really? Try not thinking then, and just SWIM.
Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, you can barely get down and back in the pool without feeling like you can’t breathe, and you want to try to swim half a mile in a lake? Really? And you thought this was a good idea, why?
Because it is a good idea. And it will get easier, you just have to QUIT BITCHING AND KEEP SWIMMING!!!

After changing again and heading for a bike…

Not very good at this either…
Well, you have to practice this too. Again, this only your second workout for the week and you’re still sick so it’s going to be a little harder.
This makes my quads hurt.
Good, that means they’re still there. Keep pedaling. It’s only 2 miles, less than 10 minutes and you can go eat lunch.
Mmmm, lunch. You know what sounds good? Chinese.
Ok, once you’re done, you can have some chinese food. Oh look, you’re done. See? That wasn’t so bad.
S’pose not. I think there’s a Panda Express down the street…

What I learned:

1. Apparently I have split personalities. I’m sure there are some people that are not the least bit surprised.

2. I have no problem bribing myself with food.  Probably need to work on that…

Although, my fortune cookie was very supportive:

They'd damn well better, otherwise I've wasted hours that could have been spent on MarioKart

Hells to the yea it will…


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