2011- Year in Pictures

My goodness, what a partial year of running it has been….

The Capital City Quarter Marathon with Mom. Where it all began.

Mom and I at the start line with 11,000 of our newest friends

Post Race with Medals and Beverages in hand!

Redlegs Run 10K in Cincinnati, Ohio

Yea, not so much with the rain

Running in the rain = not one of my favorite things

Cookies, however, are one of my favorite things

The ever-supportive Hubby/Photographer... especially if it nets him a trip somewhere

Cinco de Juilo Cuatro Miler- Not exactly my most favoritist…




Birthday 10K (otherwise known as the Columbus Half Marathon 10K)- because what better way to celebrate your birthday than to get up at the ass-crack of dawn to go run 6.2 miles and then go to work.       What? That’s not what you do?

Best. Shirt. Ever. And the dogs are ok too.

Emerald City Quarter Marathon. It’s like they designed this race just for me.  Or maybe the city of Dublin… No, I’m pretty sure it was for me.

Have I mentioned that I don't do mornings?

The first time my name was on my bib. So that they know who I am when I collapse. Helpful.

Don't I look like I'm having so much fun?

Ah, finished at last! Now, where's the bananas?

I don't think they would have noticed if I had "borrowed" this... but Hubby said no.

Patriot 7K in Coldwater, Ohio

It all started off Ok....

My thoughts about race managment eloquently summed up...

At least there were flags and distracted teenagers at the finish

Oktoberfest Meiler Vier– Brats, beer, and creme puffs! Oh yea, and running…

Alpine horns are still cool

Just before our beer truck heist..., I mean 4 mile run...

I don't think the guy offering me more bananas understood that I would try to take the whole box...

I almost look like I know what I'm doing... Ha!

Sharon Woods 10K. Put on by Greenswell who have thesoftest tee-shirts. Ever. Seriously, they’re comfortable. You should get one.

Sorry Thundercats, your warmth and cuddliness was just too much for running.

It was really cold that morning for September. But it's ok, I had the Thundercats to keep me warm.

What do you mean, no bananas?!

Dead Celebrity 3 Miler. The one time of year that it’s ok to steal someone’s identity.

3 miles ran, no loss of wig. That's a good night.

My favorite accessory? Richard Burton (photo courtesy of M3S)

Who needs to win the race, when you can win part of the costume contest

Buckeye Classic 10K. The one that handed me my ass. Or would if I would just run more hills.

And where I forgot to wear my watch. Right....

And the one that I didn't take any pictures for

Flying Feather Four Miler. Last race of the year. But that’s ok, cause they give you booze to feel better about it!

See that handful of bananas? Made it all worth it

Pre-Race with Mom and my lion hat. Cause who doesn't want a lion hat?

A word of advice... DO NOT try taking the bottle from the Turkey. It gets ugly.

This will be the year that I truly learned to trust in my own abilities and to really believe that I could be an athlete again. And I’ve got the swag to prove it  😉

Happy New Year’s everyone! I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday! And as you move into 2010, remember:

That means you.


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