2011- Year in Pictures

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My goodness, what a partial year of running it has been…. The Capital City Quarter Marathon with Mom. Where it all began. Redlegs Run 10K in Cincinnati, Ohio Cinco de Juilo Cuatro Miler- Not exactly my most favoritist… Birthday 10K (otherwise known as the Columbus Half Marathon 10K)- because what better way to celebrate your […]

Even when you’re on the Naughty List…

… Santa still dishes out some pretty cool stuff!  It’s also really nice feeling knowing that when you’re talking about running and gear and training, your family is actually listening.

The Hubby gets top marks this year with coming through with the one thing that I really wanted(but didn’t want to ask anyone for since it is more expensive) (and had been scoping out since Black Friday):

Hello beautiful... I'm pretty sure this is the fanciest thing I have ever owned...

I'm not sure what that says about me...

Although now that I think of it, since he is the Official Race Photographer, this may not really be for me…. hmmmm

Mom gets the ‘Best Present’ award for this beauty:

Hand-made customization. Complete with stolen facebook picture...

She personally made this (and my brother wants you to know that he drilled the holes). My answer for how to hang my medals was not going to be this cool.

I also got some excellent cold weather running gear, including a new head lamp!

New running shirts? Check. In green? Double check. We won't be too mean to the purple one.

I’m also really excited about the Nathan fuel belt! As my runs have been getting longer I’ve been in need of more water and some snacks-on-the-go. This will be perfect!

Yea, sure you're just checking out the fuel belt... likely story...

Exercise-wise, last week it just didn’t happen. I was getting sick, I was constantly tired, and there were just a ton of things that had to get done before the holiday. I only racked up a measly 2 points for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, but my weight was still down for the week, so I’ll count it as a win. Sometimes you just need a break.

Original weight -11/20- 221 pounds
Week 1-   11/27-   220.2 pounds
Week 2-   12/04-   222.8 pounds
Week 3-   12/11-   220 pounds
Week 4-   12/18-   219.2 pounds
Week 5-   12/24-   217.8 pounds

If I can keep it together for one more week, I may be able to pull out a full 5 pound weight loss in 6 weeks. Not record setting to be sure, but still notable progress and I’ll take it.

I hope you all had an equally Merry Christmas, and have an even better Happy New Year! I’ll be starting my New Year off right by running the First on the First 5K, put on by my favorite race organizers M3S.

What will you be doing on New Year’s Day?

Moving Forward

11/20-221lbs-original weight
11/27- 220.2lbs
12/4- 222.8lbs
12/18- 219.2lbs

This week was much better. Much more consistent and organized. I took the battered remains of my best-laid plans and got it together. Mostly.

Tuesday night- Personal Training. That kicked my ass. Badly. Not only could I not hold a plank position for 30 seconds, by the third rep I couldn’t actually get up into it. And I nearly died. Really. The trainer was very concerned. First he was all like “Get Up! We haven’t even started the timer yet- C’mon, get up!!!”   And then when I turned pale white and started seeing bright lights, he was all like “Are you ok? Good job, that was some very intense stuff we did. Do you need some gatorade? You sure you’re ok? No, no, I  think we’re done for today.”  Only Jillian truly wants to make people puke.

You don't want to make her angry. You wouldn't like her angry...

Wednesday- Had my annual eye appointment, and guess what? There’s my gym right around the corner. How convenient! So, with eyes fully dilated, I went in and went around the track for a while. The only way I could keep track of my time was to watch the large clock on the wall that I could only get to come into focus when I was on the other side of the room.

Kinda like that. But less fuzzy.

 Thursday- More Running! 4 night miles. Because night miles count for more than regular miles. It’s true.

I finally got some decent HBBC points, 21 for the week. I have also met my goal of having more points than the week before, and I’m on track for another good week.

Just Christmas and New Years to get through…

Exercise in Fail

220 pounds – Sunday’s weigh in. At least something’s headed in the right direction.

Here are all the ways that I am just not keeping it together.

  • Just figured out that I was not keeping track of my points for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge correctly. I have been keeping track of my stuff on a Sunday-Saturday week. The Challenge is kept track of on a Saturday-Friday week. Doh. Not the end of the world, to be sure, but an annoyance at myself no less.
  • Still struggling horribly with getting up in the mornings. Which is not helping me get in workouts or runs. Which doesn’t help me lose weight.
  • I can’t seem to keep what schedule I do have in order. I thought that my personal training session was tonite. Nope, it’s tomorrow tonite. Which is when I was going to go run with a friend. Now I have to cancel on them because I’m lame and disorganized.

It’s really hard to stay positive and to keep rolling with it. Sometimes you just need a downer kind of day so that the next one looks more promising.

I’m Not Dead Yet…

Holy crap, it’s already December! Sorry about that.  Didn’t mean to drop off the face of the earth, it just kinda happened. Lots of things to get done, and usually not enough time to get them all done, so if something has to go by the wayside, it’s the blogging.  Plus, my laptop kept forgetting to bring along the power cord every time we went somewhere. Very embarrassing…

Hmm, well, let’s start with a brief Thanksgiving recap.  On Thanksgiving day Mom and I ran the Flying Feather 4 miler, which was loads of fun. We ran/walked it together, and Mom PR’d by 4 minutes. (Yay for Mom!) The course was very nice and wound through the Glacier Ridge Metro Park up in Dublin.  It was a bit cold starting out, but my lion hat kept me warm.

Pre-Race with Mom and my lion hat.

We did not actually wear our coats running. I promise. Running together made it a lot more fun when we went through the wooded area, and both thought about “The Wizard of Oz” and then promptly started doing the “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” dance/walk together.  Don’t even pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about…

As far as race swag goes, this one was pretty damn good. We got a hat and gloves with our race packets, and then at the end, a bottle of wine with the usual post-race food.  A whole bottle. EACH! We had one with Thanksgiving dinner, and are keeping the other for Christmas. That’s planning!

See that handful of bananas? I think the fruit people are starting to recognize me...

That Turkey was on his 4th bottle.

Hmmm, what else has been going on? Oh, yea, the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge! Well, we’re already into Week 3 and, to be totally honest, I have not really been on top of it. Week One I managed 13 points, but Week Two I only managed 6. Not good. And I still haven’t gotten 7 servings of fruits and veggies in for bonus points (not yet anyway. I think I am going to hit it today!) A little disappointing, but I’m hoping going to get it together and my new goal is to have more points every week from here on out. And to hit that fruit/veggie point at least twice a week.

Did you know that even when you fall off the face of the earth, they still have scales there? Weird, right? But I was able to weigh myself on Sundays, even if I never got around to posting it. Here’s where we currently are:

11/20-221lbs-original weight
11/27- 220.2lbs
12/4- 222.8lbs

Thanksgiving didn’t get me, but that holiday party definitely did. I have not done any new body measurements, I was thinking that made more sense to do monthly, so expect that with the Christmas edition.

Other stuff I need to work on:
– Posting my workouts on Dailymile more consistently.  I need to be posting them the day of, not several days later. That’s just lazy.
-Getting more workouts in each week. I’ve still only gotten in 2-3 a week total, usually one running, one strength, and maybe 1 extra day. Just not good enough for me.
-Getting up in the mornings.  This is a really big challenge for me. Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that morning workouts are the only way that I’m going to see the results that I want to see. I’m still working out the details of that workout plan, but I’ll let you know so you can kick my ass if I’m not sticking to it. Deal?

In other news, my race year is done. I was hoping to get in one more race, but time and money will not allow it. Ah well. It was still a damn good year for someone who has never seriously run before. My ability isn’t where I would like it to be, but that’s what time and good friends to drag you out into the cold are for. 😉

Edit: I did not, in fact, weigh in at 22 pounds. There needed to be another 2 in there. Fixed.