Goal Setting- Round 1

It’s taken a bit of time to get my thoughts together on this whole thing. Even longer to actually sit down and put it into writing. But here we all are with about 6 weeks to go until New Year’s Day when we all magically get our annual refill of will-power, and spend it all in the first 2 months of the year. I’m kinda over that, so I’m going in with a new plan.

I’m going to ambush New Year’s Day. I’m going to go into the new year having already lost weight.  That’s right, I threw down. Take that Baby New Year.

I'm expecting a big celebration Happy. Get on that.

And every good plan needs goals. So I’m going to list my goals here, so that you can all see them and help me stay on track.  Because if I’ve learned anything over the last several months, you need people to help you stay on track. So Thank You, in advance.

Unfortunately, you kinda need to know where you are to know where you’re headed, so that means that I’m going to have to share my current vitals so that I can compare later on. I’ll spare you the picture (for now…)

Current weight- 221 pounds
Waist- 38 inches
49 inches
42 inches
left 15.5 inches, right 15 inches
27 inches (both)
17 inches

Now you (and I) know.  It’s all rather heartbreaking to see the actual numbers. It’s also a little bit liberating sharing this information with other people. It’s easier to ignore if it’s a secret that only you know.

As for the goals, I debated on the best way to organize this. One really big list, or a few sub-categories. I finally decided on sub-categories that all ultimately tie back into the bigger picture of getting healthy and living a happy life.  So, without further ado…

Weight Loss

Goal Weight- 140 pounds
Goal Size- 12 in pants, Medium in shirts

This is the weight that I’ve been chasing for 10 years. This is the weight that I was at when I was my most athletic. I know that it’s just a number, but it symbolizes a different life, one that I let slip away.

To help reach this goal, I’ve set some sub-goals to mark the road.

Running Goals
-Run 3-4 times a week, including one long run a week
-Follow a proper training program
-Complete a half marathon (that would be Capital City 2012)
-Eventually run a 10 minute mile

Strength Goals
-Strength train 3-4 times a week
-Be able to do a proper pushup (no knees)
-Be able to do a pull-up (if you can do one of those, you are a bad-ass)

Eating Goals
-Keep a food journal- necessary for this particular adventure
-Fix most meals at home (vague, I know, I’m still working out those details)

And finally, my big athletic goal for 2012:

Complete a TRIATHLON

oh yea, I'm going there...

I also have a few only-mildly-related goals:

-Post on the blog more frequently
-Take more pictures (I almost always have my camera, and almost always forget to take any pictures)
-Work on being more technologically adept (my blog is kinda boring, thanks for continuing to come back) and update the blog’s look
-Figure out Twitter (really, I still don’t entirely get it)

Oh. I almost forgot to mention the things that I have done to help myself succeed:

-Re-joined my gym. When you’re not going very frequently (read: ever) it doesn’t make sense to keep paying for it. So I didn’t. But now I am again.  My gym of choice is Urban Active. If you’re in the Columbus area and need a workout buddy, let me know.

-Joined the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge 2011. This is put on by Amanda through her blog Run To The Finish. Her goal is to help herself and others stay on track through the holidays when it is easiest to make excuses. There’s a point system and prizes and lots of other people to lean on for support. If you’re looking for something to help keep you focused through the holidays, you should join up. If you’re looking for a great athlete and all around cool person to read about and learn from, check out her blog.

-Found some like-minded people to train with as we all work towards our own goals. Strength in numbers, right?

These chicks are bad-asses

My triathlon partner-in-crime

I will be updating you on my goals weekly, probably on Sundays. Some of the long-term goals will probably only get updated monthly for a while.

2012 is gonna kick ass…


Back on the Bandwagon


To be fair, I haven’t fallen as behind as I have in the past. I’ve been mostly consistently running since May. I took on a ridiculous race schedule to make sure that I frequently had something coming up. What I haven’t been doing is working out regularly or eating right.  And anyone who knows anything at all about weight loss will tell you that it’s the eating right that will get you where you’re wanting to go.

So I decided that I’m going to beat the rush and start getting my resolutions together now. It’s time to do this properly and start making the long term changes that I should have been making all along.And I shouldn’t wait for January 1 to roll around before I do it.

I’m going to sit down and start listing some goals. Not entirely sure if I’m just going to make one big list, or if I’m going to break it down into sections. Thoughts? I’m also going to put together a plan for accomplishing said goals. That seems important too.

And I’m going to need this running coach…

Race Recap: Buckeye Classic 10K 2011

If you’re ever wondering where you can go in central Ohio to find some hills, they are keeping them all at Highbanks Metro Park.

Seriously, this race was tough. Really tough. But it was also a really beautiful course. Seriously, if you’re looking for some quality fall hiking, you need to go to Highbanks. Absolutely gorgeous. And the weather was perfect. A little breezy, but not horribly cold. In different circumstances, this might have turned out to be one of my favorites. But there were some issues for me…

1. I still haven’t exactly been training properly. 10 miles a week is a good week for me, and that’s all on flat paved areas. I ran some hills. Once. Last week. For about 30 minutes.  Not enough to prepare one’s self for this:

That's right. Almost 200ft elevation change. In the first 2 miles. No joke.

One of the hills is so steep, it’s actually stairs. In the middle of the woods. Just prior to the 2 mile marker, which if I remember correctly, was right at the top of those stairs. Only doing the Stairmaster can prepare you for that sort of torment. And then, around mile 3 and mile 4 the course overlapped, and we got to do 2 rather steep hills twice. Just. Plain. Mean.

2. Whoever designed this course is a mean spirited person. Not only were the hills killer, they made us run past the finish line, not once, but twice. That’s just cruel.

3. I was on my own for this one. Hubby wasn’t feeling very well that morning, and looked really pathetic sitting on the chair waiting for me to be ready to go. I told him if he really didn’t want to go he didn’t have to, and he really didn’t want to. So I went on my own. This was the first time that I didn’t have anybody with me at all. I’ve always had either Mom or Hubby and sometimes both. There have also been times that some friends have come out to cheer me on.  Not having anybody there made it kinda lonely. No one to chat with before hand. No one waiting for me to stumble run by to take my picture and urge me on. No one waiting for me at the finish line. And definitely no one able to drive me home so that my angry legs could rest. It really emphasized the importance of having that support. I know that there were people who knew I was racing, and were wishing me well, but it’s just not the same without someone there with you. Thankfully, there were plenty of encouraging volunteers! As always, the volunteers at this race were always ready with words of encouragement as I went by. It also helped to see a familiar face at the very end to help me dig deep to finish as well as I did (Thanks Steph!). It’s one thing to go on everyday runs alone, but I really prefer having someone to share race day excitement with.

Also, since Hubby stayed home, that meant that I had no photographer. Boo. So we staged photos at home afterwards.

Wearing shorts in the middle of November. That's right, I'm hardcore.

4. I forgot my watch. Again.

That is a sad, sad face. For many different reasons.

It’s going to be hard to convince the Hubby that I need a fancy Garmin watch when I can’t even remember to wear the cheap $3 one. Fail.

It was hard, and a bit lonely, but it was a really beautiful course. Maybe next year I can con a few friends to go with me…

Halloween Weekend Recap

Have I mentioned yet that I love Halloween?

The weekend started off of the right note friday night with the Dead Celebrity 3 Miler. Where you go dressed as a (I’m sure you’ve guessed it) celebrity that has died within the last year.  I struggled with this for a while. I don’t like doing the typical thing, so my initial thought had been to go dressed as Knut the polar bear (if you don’t what I’m talking about, go google it and come back. I’ll wait for you). Sadly I didn’t get myself together quickly enough to pull this one off properly, so I had to ditch that idea.  My second choice was going as Elizabeth Taylor circa Cleopatra. I’ve always wanted to do Halloween as Cleo, but for various reasons haven’t. We had also kicked around the idea of going as wild animals (there was a recent bit of drama out in Zanesville- again, you’ll just have to google it), but I was concerned that it would be in poor taste, and I didn’t want other peoples political ideals interfering with my twisted sense of humor. So Cleo Liz it was.

You don't want to know how much time I spent looking at this picture...

Due to time constraints (from my procrastination), I opted for a purchased costume from a Halloween store.  Really, any excuse to go into a Halloween store and shop will do.  I think I visited every Halloween store in the city at some point.  A few of them I stopped at a couple of times.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t recognize me, so it’s ok. By the time it was all said and done, I had a costume, makeup, a wig, and a new costume for the Hubby. And I couldn’t wait to wear it. I put a lot of thought into getting the makeup “just right,” and I also had fake lashes and nails to complete the look. So on Friday at 3pm, I began.

The race began at 7:30pm. You have no idea my deep obsession with perfection.  OCD much? Probably. But it was totally worth it.

My favorite accessory? Richard Burton (photo courtesy of M3S)

We made it down to the Arena District, where the race was being held around 7:20pm. It was kinda chilly that night, and Hubby didn’t want to be lingering outside longer than he had to. We had just enough time to gawk at all the other costumes before we got started. There were several groups of wild animals with bullet wounds (apparently I didn’t need to worry about offending people), there were also a lot of Macho Man Randy Savage, Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, a handful of Osamas and Gadhafis, and several Liz Taylor’s. And… someone was dressed as Knut!!! I couldn’t believe it, and I made it a point to tell her how awesome her costume was. There was also a woman dressed as Leslie Nielsen and she walked the entire course in a homemade airplane. Super Cool. But I think my favorite was the group that came as different Liz Taylor’s. There were about 6 of them, all from different movies, and they brought Michael Jackson with them! It was fantastic. This is one of the many reasons that I love Halloween, and I love that there are so many people that seem to share that feeling.

The course itself was a simple out and back through the arena district and little of the Victorian Village (do all cities have specially named sections like this? Victorian, German, Italian, Short North…) with one water stop just before the turnaround. I wasn’t going for any particular time, my main goal was for my wig to stay on, so it was a nice leisurely pace for me. I also didn’t have my mp3 player with me. It was in my bag, but I was so caught up with looking at the other costumes, that I never grabbed it.  And that worked out to be the best way to enjoy it.  I got to talk to other runners, I had police and random bystanders calling out encouragement and comments about my costume. The volunteers at the water station were great! They were shouting and encouraging and telling everyone how great they looked.  There was a lot of traffic since they had streets blocked for us, and there were at least 3 groups that were hanging out of their cars shouting and cheering for all the runners.  It was probably the most fun race that I have participated in to date.  I can’t wait to make this an annual tradition.

And the fun didn’t stop there! The after party was at 343 Front St. Tavern in the Arena District.  I haven’t been there before, but it was a nice cozy kind of bar. It looked like it could be made into a bigger area, and there is a stage at one end. There was a live band that was really good (Off the Hook- if you like live music, and they’re the band, go see them) and then came the awards.

They brought all the different groups onto the stage, decided who was the best overall, and they got a gift certificate to the Tavern.  Then they awarded an overall Best in Show kind of thing, and that person won a brand new bike! Awesome. I was not even in the running for the grand prize, and honestly, didn’t think that my costume was good enough for the Liz Taylor division.  So imagine my surprise when they announced the individual winner, and were pointing at me! I don’t win things! Ever!  I couldn’t believe it.  After that, I couldn’t help but constantly point out my awesome makeup job, because that had to be what did it.  I probably referenced it at least a dozen times through the night. Hubby could only just shake his head at me.

Charlie Sheen would be so proud.

After we were done hanging out there, we headed over to Highball Halloween, which is basically a street party, fashion show, and generalized partying. And even more amazing costumes. We wandered around, ran into some people that we knew, and eventually headed home when it started getting too cold.

You can only really see this sort of thing in the Short North

I know, crazy party animals, right? I don’t know how people keep up with us 🙂

Saturday was spent trying to get my makeup off.  When this eyeliner said waterproof, it meant it.  It’s now 5 days later, and there are still remnants of it. I also had to evaluate the damage done to my costume.

I'm gussing that Cleopatra must not have done much running in her day.

After I stepped on it, I had to tie the bottom up so I wouldn't trip. Fortunately, it looked like it was supposed to be that way.

I also did a little shopping later in the afternoon (you know, after I finally got out of bed) for some medal displaying supplies. I’m working on combining this with a goal board, but you’ll have to wait for another post for that update.

If I were MacGyver, I could turn this into a Mercedes

Sunday was spent finally putting out finalizing my Halloween decorations. This included finally getting my pumpkin carved.  Big fat slacker, I know.

He's just happy to be here

And finally it was Halloween! I did have to work until 6, so I missed the start of Beggar’s Night, but I totally made up for it by wearing this…

And yes, I wore this most of the day at work, and wore it answering the door

Except for when I made Yeager wear it. He loves Halloween too.

And finally, to top off what was the best Halloween I’ve had for several years, I stalked all the Halloween stores once again on Tuesday for the 50% off sales.  Oh yes, I did. You better believe that I am armed and ready for next year!

I hope your Halloween was just as awesome!