Yay for Halloween!

I love Halloween. Everything about it. Decorating, candy, costumes, haunted houses, scary movies. All of it. This is absolutely my favorite time of year. I love Halloween way more than Christmas.

Sadly, I’ve not been able to celebrate it as much as I would like. My work schedule has been less than flexible the last several years (working 2 jobs will do that), with a lot of weekends and late nights. I can’t remember the last Halloween party I’ve been to, for the last 2 years I haven’t put out a single decoration, and I’ve lost my pumpkins to the squirrels because I didn’t around to carving them (although 1 year they sort of carved it for me). This year, I’m not doing a whole lot better.  The pumpkin is still waiting to be carved, and the decorations are still inside the house. But they are pretty good decorations, if I do say so myself…

It doesn't get much cooler than skull flowers and vultures...

... except maybe for a light up spider! And for the record, this is the closest that I will get to liking spiders

The best news is that I will be attending a Halloween party this year! And by party, I mean a 3 mile run (in my costume) followed by a party courtesy of M3S and their Dead Celebrity run. I even have the Hubby dressing up, and he doesn’t enjoy anywhere near quite as much as I do. And it’s also Highball Halloween in the Short North, which is always a good time, so we may wander down there as well.

There’s another run on satuday night, the Fright Night 5K in Gahanna that I would sort of like to do. According to the race info, it’s a 5K that runs through a haunted course. Sounds like it’s totally my kind of thing! Problem bring, the Ohio State football game is an evening game that night, and starts at the same time as the race. Which has created a couple of logistical issues.

1. No race photographer. He will be sitting in front of the TV watching the game, and cannot be convinced to do otherwise.

2. OSU football is kind of a big deal for almost everyone here in central Ohio, which means that I can’t find anyone to run with me.


But to make me feel better, I’ve put together a list of 61minutes of Halloween joy for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! (in no particular order)

Michael Jackson “Thriller”    5:58
Bobby Pickett  “Monster Mash”   3:00
Warren Zevon  “Werewolves of London”   3:27
Nightmare before Christmas  “This is Halloween”   3:16
Sheb Wooley   “Purple People Eater”   2:11
Charlie Daniels   “Devil went down to Georgia”   3:37
Ray Parker Jr   “Ghostbusters Theme”   4:04
The Sweet  “Ballroom Blitz”    4:06
Rockwell  “Somebody’s Watching me”    4:00
Rocky Horror Picture Show  “Time Warp”  4:00
The Clovers  “Love Potion #9”  2:02
Duran Duran “Hungry like the Wolf”   3:41
Mitch Ryder  “Devil with a Blue Dress”   3:01
Oingo Boingo  “Dead Man’s Party”   6:23
DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince “A Nightmare on My Street”  4:16
Rhianna “Disturbia”   3:58


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