Race Recap: Oktoberfest Meiler Vier 2011

Ah, a cool rainy night to run, and the promise of beer, brats, and creme puffs….. What more could a girl ask for? It was even enough to convince Mom to come out and run with me again!

The Oktoberfest Meiler Vier (4 miler) was part of the opening ceremonies for the annual Oktoberfest Celebration, which was held at the fair grounds this year. Which would be cool, except that there was also some kind of cow show going on as well.  Which made for some rather smelly parts. And not just from me…

Just before our beer truck heist…, I mean 4 mile run…

We started out a little before race time because they wanted all the runners grouped together for the Tapping of the Keg ceremony, which was televised apparently, and which I did not actually get to see since I am slow, and therefor stand in the back of the group. It was a good idea, that didn’t quite work out. We all lined up as we would for the race behind the big inflatable arch, trying to stay somewhere near the pacers that we needed (for me, that was somewhere in between 13 and 14 miles/min), and then we circled through the pavilion where the opening ceremony was taking place. This is where it no longer really worked. Instead of completing a circle, everyone just kind of walked as a mass back to the start, and I had no idea where the 13 min/mile pacers were.  Mom and I ended up starting the race somewhere up near the 10min/mile people. Someday soon, but today is not that day. The really cool part, is our “starting gun” where the Alpine Horn players. A little anti-climactic, but cool nonetheless.

Alpine horns are cool

The course itself was eh. It was a 2 mile loop that wiggled and weaved its way through the fairgrounds, along the backside of the barns. Which meant we got to run past a lot of smelly cows. Twice. And a handful of possibly drunk cow owners that were camped out behind said barns. Twice. One of the more entertaining moments was the small kid (seriously, probably not more than 6 or 7) that was offering cans of beer to the runners as they went past. There was quite a cheer when they finally got someone to take one. (No, it wasn’t me)(Honest, it wasn’t).

Finishing strong-ish

Mom finishing.... She's starting to drink the kool-aid

As a course, it was kinda boring, just a lot of kinda battered and pot-holed pavement and mostly empty buildings. The only interesting part was getting to run around and in between the pavilions where all the people and music and food were. It got even more boring when my sansa mp3 player crapped out on me with about half a mile left to go. Just it’s way of encouraging me to run faster?

As boring as the course was, the swag was totally worth it. A awesome medal (cause that’s how M3S rolls, and is why we like them), as well as a free brat, beer, and creme puff courtesy of Schmidts. I’ll let you guess what my favorite was….. (and no, it was not the nasty german beer, yuck).

It certainly wasn’t my favorite race, but it also won’t win “Worst Race Ever” honors at the year-end recap. As an M3S event, it was well organized with volunteers at every twist and turn to make sure that you stayed on course, and also that you didn’t get run over by cow-owners. Which was nice. At the end of the night, it was really just an excuse to go out and get a run in for going to the festival and eating creme puffs and brats.

I don't think the guy offering me more bananas understood that I wanted the whole box...


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