Race Recap: Emerald City 2011

Sorry for being a slacker.  Last weekend was the Emerald City Quarter Marathon, which I had very much been looking forward to.  It is put on by M3S, who generally put on really good races.

This one did not disappoint.

Race time was 7:00am, so another ridiculously early morning. It was still dark when we got there. And it was raining. And there was lightning.  The organizers had been keeping a close eye on the storm that was coming through, and had made arrangements if it looked like it was going to come over top of us. Fortunately it was not needed and we were able to start right at 7:00.

Don't mind my annoyance with my still mostly asleep photographer

The course was fantastic. We started from in front of the Dublin Methodist Hospital, went through some Dublin countryside, did a loop through Glacier Ridge Metro Park, and back to the hospital. The weather played nice, and once the sun was actually up it made for a really beautiful run. Along one of the roads, there was a horse running along the fence line with the runners going by, which made for a nice pick-me-up early on in the run. There’s little more that’s as encouraging as seeing a horse running for the pure pleasure of running. Something most runners aspire to I would think…

The bit through Glacier Ridge was also very lovely in the morning sun.  The course took us along a path that went from paved, to gravel, to a wood plank bridge. I’ve never been to that park before, but after running this course, I may have to go check out the rest of it sometime. The half marathon runners also went through the park, but their course took them more north into a different area.

a snaphot taken from the finish line video that Mom took for me

My goal had been to break 1:30, and I managed another PR with 1:29:42! Go Me! The post-line recovery area was top-notch with water, bagels, oranges, apples, and bananas. There were also some mini-egg wraps (which were ok), organic chocolate milk, (which was really good) and a space specifically for stretching out afterwards (which I didn’t do). On top of all of that, there was also a post-race party at BW3 and meal specials at Sunny Street Cafe for the runners. We didn’t got to Sunny Street, but I’ve heard that the food was only ok, but we did stop in at BW3 for free food (what can I say, I’m cheap) There were boneless wings, potato wedges, cheese sticks and chips and salsa, as well as a free Screwdriver or Blood Mary for those runners inclined to partake.  Everyone there was very nice and helpful, and the food was pretty good too.

All in all, another great event put on by M3S, a new PR for me, and an awesome finishers medal!

It's as heavy as it looks

No party is complete without a giant inflatable shamrock!


One thought on “Race Recap: Emerald City 2011

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