Looking forward…

… To the Emerald City 1/4 Marathon coming up in just under 2 weeks!  The final testing ground to see if I’ve made how much progress I’ve made. It’s one of my last “big” races, only 2 more 10k’s after this, and then just a handful of smaller races to finish out the year. And that’s a lot more than I thought I would be doing this year!

This is the sister event to Cap City and, as you might have guessed based on the name, it is a celebration dressed in Green! Which is totally my color. 


The camera's green too

Almost everything I buy, I look for a green version first. I usually have to make a conscious decision to buy clothing and accessories in a color other than green. When my friends and family go places, and see something in green, they think of me. If I’m lucky, they pass the info on so I can go find it myself  :mrgreen:

As I’m looking into buying new gear, I’m looking for items that come in green. It’s almost a pre-requisite. I’m looking at new shoes to buy, and I really want to get the ones that you can customize. Custom green shoes?  Yes, please!

I’m a freak, I know. It’s cool….

With this event being setup and run by the same people that help put together Cap City, I am super excited to see the shirts and Finisher Medals for this race. I think I’m going to have a new set of favorites…

And if you see some crazy person decked out in all green out running, just smile and wave. It’s probably me.


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