Park Adventures

On Saturday the hubby and I went to Three Creeks Metro Park to scope out the course that I’ll be running next Sunday for the Columbus 1/2 Marathon. I’ll be running the 10k, and I wanted to see what kind of course it was. Was there much shade? Many hills? And I haven’t been having very good runs lately,so I figured I would just walk it. Some how I managed to talk the husband into going with me.

I don’t think he quite understood how long 6 miles can be. Or maybe I downplayed how long 6 miles can be. It could go either way.

Hubby wanted to get up and go early, wanted to be at the park by 8am, thinking it would take us around 2 hours to walk it, then we would be done by the hottest part of the day. I wanted to sleep in, as Saturday is my only day off.  I won. By the time we found the dog’s accessories, it was around noon by the time we got to the park.

It started off fairly promising, being a bit overcast with a nice breeze. The trail that goes through Three Creeks is part of the Alum Creek Trail, and it is a very nice smooth paved trail. It should be a nice run. At least I hope it will be.

Annie and the husband were not quite as impressed….


2 thoughts on “Park Adventures

  1. The Hubby says:

    You forgot the rest of the story. We arrived at the park around 12:30-1PM. It quickly got sunny. And hot. More so than it was at 8AM. And it got hotter as we went. Because we were out there until 4:30PM. Out during the hottest part of the day. Oh, and without lunch.

    On the plus side, I sweated out a small child (or adult midget, er…little person), so I am much more svelte than before we went for the walk. And I know better than to let you sleep in now.

    • nikimiller says:

      Oh, you’re just being dramatic… I’m pretty sure it didn’t actually get hotter as we went, it just got less breezy so it felt hotter. And we did have a lunch, just a fairly small one. It could have been worse, you were ready to walk out without eating anything….

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