This Year So Far: Cap City 2011

I just realized that my blog is woe-fully lacking in the photo department. Allow me to correct this with some running recaps from this year so far.

Capital City started in early February for me.  My mom sent me an email asking if I wanted to team up for 10TV’s Commit to be Fit Challenge. I looked at the website, which is part of Capital City’s 1/2 Marathon event. Sounds good, let’s do it! It was a 10 week program, teams of 2-5 people trying to lose the biggest percentage of weigh Biggest Loser style. I am always optimistic, and for some reason think that a weight-loss competition will motivate me enough to do what I have been too lazy to do all this time. Never works, and I’ve tried a number of times. No dice.

Anyway, as I was looking over the website, I am looking at the Commit to be Fit 5k, the 1/4 marathon, and the 1/2 marathon. Starting in late February (which is when the initial weigh-in was, cause, you know, you don’t want to lose any weight before the competition actually starts, right?), that was 10 weeks to train for a race. Now, I was eye-balling the 1/4. When I’m on a roll, one of my methods for losing weight to try to get out and do 3 miles everyday. Run, walk, whatever, just get 3 miles in. So I think to myself “really, you’re doing a 5k, like, everyday, or at least most days. I bet I could the 1/4 marathon by then, easy.’ So I mention this to Mom, saying that I would be interested in trying out the 1/4, it doesn’t sound near as scary as the 1/2.  13.2 miles is a long frickin’ way to be running. But I know my track record for failure at losing weight and sticking to a program, so I decide that I’m going to wait and see how it goes.

Now, Mom is much better at the nutrition side of weight-loss than I am. I hold out that if I can just get to working out on a regular basis, I will be ok. That might have been true a few years ago when it was only 30-40 pounds to lose, but I can no longer make that claim and believe it. So, as one might expect, I did not do well. At all. Pretty much did not lose any weight at all. Does not gaining any more count?

Fast forward to Tuesday May 3rd. It’s evening, I’m home, playing on the computer, specifically on facebook. I’ve already thrown in the towel for the Commit to be Fit, knowing that I haven’t lost anything (sorry about that, Mom). However, I’d ‘liked’ the Commit to be Fit facebook page, and had been getting updates. So some post comes up talking about the Capital City 1/2 and 1/4 marathon, and how there is still time to register. So I go to the website, peruse around, looking at entry-fees, time allowed, etc. The race is on Saturday, only 3 days away.

Suddenly, I really wanted to do the 1/4 marathon. Just to see if I can. Just to prove to myself that I can. Damn it, last year I could run 3 miles in 30 minutes during my lunch hour at work. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to finish a 1/4 marathon, even if I haven’t exactly been working out very much (read: hardly at all). It’s not ideal, but I still thought I could do it. My biggest problem was that payday was still 3 days away, and I did not have quite enough funds to make this happen.

Enter my loving husband (read: sucker :D). He’s upstairs working in his office, and I come in and say ‘So….’ and launch into my plan and how I really want to do this race on Saturday, but because I’m registering this late, it’s a fair bit of money. Ever the practicalist, he asks some questions about whether I can really do it, why I really want to (the need to reclaim some self-value after coping out of the Commit to be Fit Challenge), and then finally, the logistics. He has zero interest in running (believe me, I’ve tried, I could really use a running partner), so he’s not going to run with me, plus he has to work at noon. I don’t really want to run by myself, but I’ll do it if I have to, and if that happens, Hubby will go with me to support me, but we have to make sure we’re headed home in enough time to get him to work. The other option is to see if Mom will go with me, because she will more likely be willing to run/walk with me.

The phone call to Mom went something like this:

Me: Hey, Mom, how’s it going?

Mom: Fine. What’s up?

Me: Well, I’d been thinking about doing it, and really meant to, but time kinda snuck up on me, and there’s a race this saturday that I want to do, and wanted to see if you’d like to do it with me.

Mom: Hmm, what kind of race? Like a 5k?

Me: Ummm, it’s the Capital City 1/4 marathon…

Mom: What? A marathon? Really? Can’t we just do the 5k?

Me: No, not a marathon. A quarter marathon. And I don’t want to do the 5k, I do those all the time, I want to do the quarter.

Mom: Well, how long is a quarter marathon?

Me: It’s like 6-point-something, so like doing two 5k’s. Really, it should be no problem, we walked almost 8 miles last weekend at the park! (That’s a whole different story…)

Mom: (considering silence) I suppose that’s true. (more contemplative silence) You’re sure you don’t want to do the 5K instead?

Me: Nope, doing the quarter. I’m doing it either way, I just wanted to see if you wanted to do it with me.

Mom: Alright, I’ll do it with you. We should probably go walk tomorrow then.

Me: Thanks! Yea, we should.

So Mom agreed to run/walk with me, Husband agreed to the entry fee, and 3 days later we (mostly) walked/ran (some of) the Capital City 1/4 Marathon!

Me and Mom

Mom and I at the start line with 11,000 of our newest friends

More important than anything else- It was so much fun! It was a great course, winding through and around downtown Columbus. The volunteers that were out there were so encouraging, and the bands helped us keep our motivation too! A great food spread at the end, and a finisher’s medal were all very nice too! Probably the most entertaining part of the race were the shout-outs to MIT we got.  You can see in the photo above that Mom is wearing a MIT shirt. MIT (Marathoner In Training) is a racing group here in Columbus that helps people train for races and develop their running ability. There was an Expo leading up to Cap City (which you had to go to for your packet pick-up) and lots of vendors, and one of them (I don’t remember who it was, Fleet Feet maybe?) had these training shirts, so Mom bought us each one.  Well, the Capital City shirts were sized just a little smaller than we thought they were going to be, so Mom wore her MIT shirt instead. All throughout the race, I would hear people calling out ‘yay, go MIT!’, and it took awhile to figure out that they were yelling at/to us because of that shirt! I thought to myself ‘How nice, that they would be cheering on people that they don’t even know, that must be a dedicated group of people!’ Since then, I have looked into their program, and it sounds like it is just the sort of thing that I need to help me build my consistency up. I’ve also been looking into Fleet Feet Columbus‘ Race Club. A group of like-minded people, a network of other runners that can keep me going, and keep me motivated, and keep me accountable. Knowing that people may be expecting me to be there makes it more likely that I’ll show up.

Post Race with Medals and Beverages in hand!

It was a really great experience overall, and helped to concrete my decision to really give running a fair shot. It was my first race, but so far, has still been the best organized race. Being around all the other runners, the excitement in the air, the race being so well organized, all of it came together to just be a truely rewarding experience. I was so glad that I made that last minute decision to run in this race. I will always remember this first race as the one that got me started, and something that I was able to do with my mom. She may not enjoy the idea of running quite as much as I do, but she really enjoyed getting out and participating too. I’m glad she went with me. Thanks Mom!


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